Bull Sale

Welcome To Our Farm

We appreciate each and every one of you, our fellow cattlemen, and we will continue to work hard to earn your trust, respect, and future business with good cattle and good service. As a seedstock supplier, we take our responsibility seriously when it comes to customer service.

Please consider this sale offering with confidence, knowing that the Nesbitt family stands ready to be of assistance before the sale and, more importantly, after the sale. We value the many friendships that have resulted from our involvement in the beef industry and we look forward to the opportunity to expand those through this event. We invite you to join us on April 16th for the sale, some hospitality and a chance to visit with many area cattle producers. It is certainly our pleasure to be your host. We sincerely thank all past buyers and bidders for your continued support; it is truly appreciated!

If we can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on us.

Looking forward to seeing you on sale day…

The Nesbitt Family


Sale Day Info

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Viewing: 11:00am
Sale: 1:00pm
17100 Cedardale Road, Nestleton, ON | Directions




Sale Day Data

CED 10E – Zeal 125Z X CSS Sir Gridmaker
BW: -0.5 WW: 39 YW: 64 TM: 36
BW: 95 lbs WW: 788 lbs YW: 1374 lbs
ESCAPE – Double Polled  
CED 12E – Zeal 125Z X Winchester 70W
BW -0.5 WW 43 YW 73 TM 36
BW: 94 lbs WW: 832 lbs YW: 1560
EL PASO – Polled
CED 25E – Zeal 125Z X Red Ryder 450P
BW 0.1 WW 40 YW 70 TM 41
BW: 100 lbs WW: 907 lbs YW: 1444 lbs
EVEREST – Double Polled
CED 45E – Zeal 125Z X Winchester 70W
BW 0.4 WW 43 YW 74 TM 38
BW: 96 lbs WW: 826 lbs YW: 1411 lbs
END GAME – Double Polled
CED 60E – Zeal 125Z X Winchester 70W
BW -0.5 WW 45 YW 75 TM 39
BW: 94 lbs WW 820 lbs YW 1520 lbs
EMPIRE _ Double Polled
CED 67E – Winchester 70W X WDZ Firemaker
BW 1.2 WW 46 YW 84 TM 44
BW: 98 lbs WW: 772 lbs YW: 1390 lbs
EVERET – Double Polled
CED 99E – Abracadabra 123A X CSS Sir Gridmaker
BW -0.2 WW 43 YW 67 TM 39
BW: 92 lbs WW: 780 lbs YW: 1367
EDGAR – Double Polled
AGA 5E – Yellowstone 25Y X JDJ Smokester
BW 1.3 WW 42 YW 77 TM 43
BW: 85 lbs WW 739 lbs YW 1398 lb


Bull Sale Ad

The Cattlemen’s Kind

These are Charolais bulls produced by Cattlemen for Cattlemen; simply said these bulls are the “Cattlemen’s Kind”. When you arrive at the sale you can be assured that you are getting the first chance at all of our bulls. No bull has been sold prior to sale day. All bulls offered for sale have been bred, born and raised at Cedardale Farms.